Twin Ring Motegi

Twin Ring Motegi (ツインリンクもてぎ) motorsport race track is located at the East Tochigi Prefecture’s Motegi Town. The name Twin Ring comes from the fact that it has two race tracks, the Super Speedway and the Road Course. The tracks are surrounded by forrest kept as much untouched as possible.

The track

Twin Ring Motegi has multiple tracks

  1. Super Speedway
    • Circuit length: 2.493 km (1.549 mi)
    • Turns: 4
    • Banking: Turns = 10°
  2. Road Course
    • Circuit length: 4.800 km (2.983 mi)
    • Turns: 14
    • Max. straight length: 762 m
    • Course width: 12 – 15 m
    • Elevation: 30.4 m
    • Pits: 45
  3. East Road Course
    • Circuit length: 3.400 km (2.112 mi)
    • Turns: 11
  4. West Road Course
    • Circuit length: 1.400 km (0.869 mi)
    • Turns: 6
  5. South Course
    • Circuit Length: 1.26 km
  6. South Course A
    • Course Length: 0.67 km
  7. South Course B
    • Course Length: 0.89 km
  8. Twin Ring Motegi North Short Course
    • Circuit length: 982.164 m
    • Max. straight length: 142.280 m
    • Course width: 8 – 14 m
    • Turns: 12
    • Direction: clockwise
  9. Dirt Track
  10. Multi Course

For spectators

The Super Speedway and the Road Course is sharing the garage and grandstand facilities, otherwise both courses are separated. The circuit also hosts  the Honda Collection Hall with historic Honda racing and production cars and motorcycles, and the Honda Fan Fun Lab with Honda’s next generation technologies such as robotics, fuel-cell vehicles and aviation. Because the grandstand is var from the Road Course, the view for the spectators from here can be very poor. Also, seating outside the grandstand is limited.

Access to Twin Ring Motegi

Access to Twin Ring Motegi tracks is very limited, with only two entry and exit points by a two-lane public road. Also, train connection to the area are extremely limited, and the planned superhighway hasn’t been completed neither. The track capacity, about 65,000, is mainly dictated by the traffic flow, not by actual seating capacity, which is estimated to be nearly 100,000 for road-course events, 80,000 for the oval.

  • From Narita Airport by public transport
    • Take Narita Express to Tokyo station, then change to the Tohoku Shinkansen line (platform number 20-23) and go to Utsunomiya station. From where you can take a taxi (60 min) or a bus (90 min)
  • From Narita Airport by car
    • At the Narita Airport head to the Shin-koku Interchange and get on the Shin-koku Expressway. At the Narita Junction take the Higashi Kanto Expressway, then at the Taiei Junction join the Keno Expressway. After about 40 minutes at the Tsukuba junction take the Joban Expressway for about 30 minute then take Mito Interchange from where the circuit is only 40 minutes away.
  • From Haneda Airport by public transport
    • Take the Tokyo Monorail to Hamamatsu-cho and change to the Yamanote line to Tokyo station. At Tokyo station change to the Tohoku Shinkansen line (platform number 20-23) and go to Utsunomiya station, where you can take a taxi (60 min) or a bus (90 min)
  • From Aikhabara by public transport
    • At the Bus stop outside the Central Gate take the Kanto Yakimono Liner (bus) to Mashiko Station, change to the Moka Railway and go to Motegi Station. From here take a taxi (15 min).

Facilities at the Twin Ring Motegi

  • Parking lot: yes
  • Restrooms: yes, multiple, including baby seats, baby chairs
  • Wheelchair-accessible restrooms: yes, multiple
  • Wheelchair rental: yes
  • Nursing room: yes
  • Coin-operated lockers: yes
  • First-aid office: yes
  • Stroller rental: yes
  • ATM: yes
  • Payphone: yes
  • Restaurants: yes
  • Kiosks: yes
  • Driving school: yes

Tournaments hosted

  • 2&4 Race
  • Trial World Championship
  • Twin Link Motegi 2 & 4 Race
  • All Japan Road Racing Championship
  • All Japan Trial Championship
  • Super endurance
  • All Japan Kart Championship
  • Resistance to
  • DE resistant!
  • Joy resistant
  • K-TAI
  • 2018 S-FJ & F4 Japan first game
  • Motegi Champion Cup Race
  • Motegi car trace
  • Motegi Street Shootout
  • Jimkhana
  • Motegi Road Race
  • Motegi Short Course Championship
  • MFJ Kanto Trial Championship


Tips for visiting the Twin Ring Motegi

Motegi is a small town with limited options for accommodation other than the on-site hotel, which probably is the best place to stay. You can spend multiple days at the track because of the different activities available for the visitors, such as driving your own road car or motorbike at the circuit, or the Mobi Park near the track is a great place to spend at least half a day with kids or children because of the multiple fun activities available. Worth to call out that dog owners with their pets are also welcome because of the pet friendliness of site.

Venue Detail

120-1 Hiyama, Motegi, Haga District, Tochigi 321-3533, Japan

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