Tsukuba Circuit

Tsukuba Circuit (筑波サーキット) motorsport facility is located near the Ibaraki Prefecture’s Shimotsuma City. The main course length is shorter compared to the other major circuits, but it’s still an important base of motorsport in Japan

The tracks

There are multiple tracks available at the Tsukuba Circuit

  1. 1000 Course
    • Circuit length: 1,039 m (0.646 miles)
  2. 2000 Course
    • Circuit length: 2,045 m (1.271 miles)
    • Max. straight length: 140 m
    • Course width: 8 – 10 m
  3. 2000 Bike Course
    • Circuit length: 2,070 m (1.286 miles)
    • Max. straight length: 437 m
    • Course width: 10 – 15 m
  4. Gymkana Course
    • Area: 8,679 m2

For spectators

The circuit accommodates 8500 spectators on the track, 3000 in the stands, 5000 on lawn seats, and 500 standing over the pits.

Access to Tsukuba Circuit

  • By public transport
    • 15 to 20 minutes by taxi from Kanto Railway Joso Somune Station
    • Taxis from the Joshisen Ishishita Station or Shimotsuma Station
    • At major races, a free pick-up bus will be issued from Ishishita Station
  • By car
    • For private cars and motorcycles, the Tokiwa Expressway Taniwahara Interchange has long been the closest, but with the opening of the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Expressway , the Bando Interchange is the closest.

Facilities at Tsukuba Circuit

  • Control tower: yes
  • Parking lot: yes
  • Restaurants: yes
  • Pit area: yes, 32
  • Gas station: yes
  • Audience stand: yes, 6 places
  • Kids room: yes
  • Nursing room: yes
  • Vending machine: yes
  • Restroom: yes

Tournaments hosted


Tips for visiting the Tsukuba Circuit

You can find motorsport events running at the Tsukuba Circuit every week. Make sure you check out what’s on before you go so you don’t miss some exciting moments.

Venue Detail

159 Muraoka, Shimotsuma, Ibaraki 304-0824, Japan

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