Nakayama Circuit

Nakayama circuit (中山サーキット) is located in West Japan, Okayama Prefecture’s beautiful Ohnakayama mountains. It’s  definitely a must go circuit for those who like driving in the mountains and like circuits surrounded by nature. Even if the circuit doesn’t host major events, it’s mainly used for smaller, private track events, the tracks are pretty good.

The tracks

You can find two  tracks at Nakayama:

  1. Nakayama Circuit (中山サーキット)
    • Circuit length: 2.007 km (1.247 miles)
    • Max. straight length: 250 m
    • Course width: 13 – 18 m
    • Number of pits: 50
    • Turns: 18
  2. Nakayama Kart Circuit (中山カートウェイ)
    • Circuit length: 740 m
    • Max. straight line: 110 m
    • Course width: 12 m
    • Elevation: 50 m
    • Type: Paved Sprint

For spectators

From the two main vantage points, the pit area and the grandstand area, 50% of the track can be seen. The grandstand is an ideal spot for viewing the section where overtake most likely to happen.

Access to the Nakayama circuit

  • By car
    • The circuit is about 5 minutes (1.5km) driving from the Sanyo Expressway Waki interchange
  • By train from Tokyo
    • You can take the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen line from Tokyo station to Okayama station, followed by the San-yo Line to Wake station (about 8 stops, 31 minutes). From Wake station you can either take a taxi (about 10 minutes) or walk (about 45 minutes) to the circuit.

Facilities at the Nakayama circuit

  • Parking lot: 120
  • Drinks vending machine: yes
  • There are no hotels, shops or restaurants at and near the circuit

Tournaments hosted


Tips for visiting the Nakayama circuit

When visiting to circuit make sure you bring food with you because there are no restaurants or shops nearby. The Okayama Prefecture and Wake District has many beautiful Onsens and Japanese style hotels (Ryokan) which are highly recommended to visit. You combine your circuit visit with hiking in the mountains and overnight stay in one of the local Onsens or Ryokans.

Venue Detail
751 Onakayama, Wake, Wake District, Okayama 709-0432, Japan

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