Meihan Sportsland

Meihan Sportsland (名阪スポーツランド) motorsport facility is located near the Nara Prefecture’s Yamazoe village. The place offers multiple courses for different type of motorsport practices and races. The most popular one are drifting, gymkhana, kart racing and motocross races and championships. The circuit is relatively close to Osaka which makes it popular amongst the Osaka amateur and professional drivers.

The tracks

Meihan Sportsland has multiple courses available. The AB course is a mini bike course and can be used for endurance, race sprint races, gymkhana and kart racing. The C course is where gymkhana, drift driving practices, and the  All Japan Gymkhana and Drift competitions are held. The D course is mainly use for Kids Karting purpose. The E course is a kart course but other motorsport activities can also be used for.

  1. AB Course
    • Circuit length: 850 m
    • Max. straight length: 140 m
    • Course width: 7 – 8 m
    • Height difference: 0
  2. C Course
    • Circuit length: 840  m
    • Max. straight length: 120 m
    • Course width: 8 – 12 m
    • Height difference: 0
  3. D Course
  4. E Course
    • Circuit length: 800 m
    • Max. straight length: 170 m
    • Course width: 8 – 15 m
    • Height difference: 0
  5. Motocross Course
    • Circuit length: 1,300 m
    • Width: 35 m to 6 m

For spectators

The circuit multiple locations for the spectators to have the best possible view on the courses. It also has a dinning facility which operates in certain days and times only.

Access to Meihan Sportsland

The location of the circuit is relatively close to the Tokyo metropolitan area, which make it very convenient.

  • By public transport from Nagoya
    • From Nagoya take the express bus Nagoya-Nara-Tenri line to Yamato Kogen Koto bus station, from where by taxi is only 8 minutes.
    • Nearest bus stop: Kokudo Kirihata bus stop
  • By car
    • 5 minutes drive from the Ogura or Kaminoguchi Interchange of the Meihan National Highway

Facilities at Meihan Sportsland

  • Dinning: yes, at certain days and hours
  • Parking lot: yes

Tournaments hosted

  • 2019 JAF All Japan Gymkhana Championship
  • 2019 D1 Lights Series
  • JMRC Kinki District Gymkhana Meet
  • Kansai All Star (drift tournament)
  • DRIFT Kingdom
  • All Japan Motocross Championship
  • Kinki Motocross Championship
  • All-Japan Supermoto Championship
  • Supermoto Kinki area Series tournament
  • ALL ☆ STAR Mini Bike Race
  • FLEX 39 Cup Mini Bike Race
  • PANORIN CUP Mini-bike 6 Hours Endurance Race


Tips for visiting the Meihan Sportsland

Nara and surrounding area has many historical places, beautiful nature and places with adventurous activities. Make sure you are explore the nearby villages, temples and onsen when you are around.

Venue Detail

1343-1 Kirihata, Yamazoe, Yamabe District, Nara 630-2234, Japan

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